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Widows' Pension file Page 13

Widows' Pension file Page 12

Widows' Pension file Page 11 (10 is blank)

Widows' Pension file Page 9

which they state of their own person
-al knowledge and have no interest
in said Catherines claims for increase
Of pension
Sworn to before me this 13th. Day of April 1867
By William Phinix and Sidney Smith
Who I certify to be creditable person which
Have no interest in said Catherines
Claims for increase of pension --- The
Word “Catherine” underlined before

Widows' Pension file Page 8

Said husband (Alpheus D. Lnych)
tust die and to enable her to protect
her interests in case of his death and
that upon this suggestion after said she
again married said Lynch and
for no other purpose whatever –
Sworn to before me this 8 day of April                     Catherine Lynch
1867 by Catherine Lynch who I certify to be
a credible person that I have no interest
in her claim for additional pension.
                                                                        H. P. Nugent Justice & Clerk
                                                                        Of the Albany Justices Courts N. Y.

State of New York
Saratoga County S
                          William Phinix
and Sidney Smith being duty
sworn says that they were well ac-
quainted wit Alpheus D. Lynch
for nine years previous to his death and
also have for twelve years past been ac-
quainted with (Catherine) his wife and widow
of said Alpheus D. Lynch and that
during the period above referred to
they were always recognized as man
and wife and were so regarded by
their neighbors and acquaintance
and the said Alpheus D. several
times in his life and at least
ten years ago stated that he and said
Catherine were married at Newark,
New Jersey some seventeen years ago, and
that during that past twelve year said
Catherine and said Alpheus D always
stated they were man and wife, all of

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Widows' Pension file Page 7

State of New York
City limits of Albany:

                                      Catharine Lynch
Being duty sworn says that she’s
the widow of Alpheus D. Lynch late
a private in Company B of 2C
Regiment of Heavy Artillery New York
volunteers. Defendant further says
that there is no record Church or
public record of her marriage &
that she has no certificate of her
marring with said Alpheus D.
Lynch and the whereabouts of
The Minister who performed said
Ceremony, or the whereabouts of
Witnesses who were present at the
Ceremony all unknown to de-
fendent and that there is no record
Of the baptism of the children or any
Of them, all of which defendant
States of her own personal Knowledge.
Defendant farther says that she was
Married at Newark, New Jersey
Some seventeen years ago & the minister
Who performed said ceremony& witnesses
Who performed said ceremony cannot be
Found defendant said that she can
Furnish no Evidence except the herein
After set forth affidavit to prove her
Said marriage. Defendant further says
That the reason she re-married again in
1864 is that a Chaplain in the army
And the Surgeon at the Hospital (Lincoln)
At Washington D. C. suggested that her

Widows' Pension file Page 6