Monday, November 14, 2011

Matrilineal Monday- Margaret Hood

When I started researching this line I had a family story that stated;
  1. Philo was in the Civil War
  2. Was one of a set of triplets who were names Philip, Philander, and Philo
  3. From Catskills

I didn’t know his parents name, or where they were from. So the search was on. I started looking in the Catskills don’t find much at first. I located Catherine and Ashley on the 1855 New York Census in Denmark, Lewis County which listed Ashley as being born it Greene County. I was able to find a family that matched on the 1850 census and Catskills could be used to describe the area they were from.

 I have proved that Philo as well as three of his brothers were in the Civil War. Their Civil War papers are what lead me to discovering their mother’s name and linked the brothers together.

They lived in Green County, New York and the county records posted on Green County was the clue to finding her maiden name. I thought that if Philo really was a triplet that it should have been in the paper, so far I have not found anything about triplets, nor have I found Philander and Phillip. Philip is Philo’s father’s name. Someday this may pan out and I may find a connection to the triplet story.

I have learned that most the family stories have some truth to them, at times it’s not completely factual but it’s worth researching. Always research the area where your people lived, they often leave clues behind.

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